Friday, 14 December 2018

How did we do?

In November/December of each year, we take stock of all the thinking, discussing, inquiry and application of learning. We do our best to produce the final, honest summative discussion document for the year. Generally this takes the place of a presentation which we present to our whanau, our staff, our Board and anyone else who's interested and then seek feedback about what we need to plan and include for the subsequent year.

Of necessity, this presentation is a bit longer than those I usually post as it's attempting to sum up the year of activity and learning. As always, I'm very happy to receive any feedback or ideas, either for the school or for how we could manage this process more effectively.

In summary, we've had a really good year and we have much to celebrate. We need to work hard at getting better acceleration in Reading and Mathematics, and we need to keep concentrating on how to get effective acceleration in 3 core subjects simultaneously. The acceleration we can see in Writing, is something to be very happy about. Our sporting and cultural results are outstanding.
I trust you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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