Friday, 15 April 2016

Inquiry Report April 2016

Its been a race to the end of the term for Dorothy and I, getting ready to leave NZ on a 3 month Woolf Fisher travelling Fellowship.
Its a humbling privilege to have received this honour and to be able to continue our inquiry looking the work of others who are trying just as hard as we are to raise achievement outcomes in different jurisdictions.
Its also extremely satisfying to know that we are leaving the various pieces of our enterprise, Manaiakalani and Pt England School in enormously capable hands, and that the people involved will so an absolutely outstanding job.

Some of my subsequent posts, having had time to reflect and look at things in other jurisdictions, will be less "Pt England Focused".
The core of this post, is my reflection on our focus for improvement and what we need to keep "front and centre" as we go forward.