Friday, 22 March 2019

Sharpening the Focus

We're into the second month of the academic year. We've been able to hear and see every learner learn. We've been able to observe their learning behaviours.
The management team has been able to see teachers implement their learning programmes and begin to design for increased differentiation.
We're testing our theories and hypotheses about what might improve things and what might keep the joy alive as we do so.
As we share these theories and hypotheses with one another and discuss our own and each other's views we can sharpen the focus as "iron sharpens iron".
I'm still very hopeful that there are skills, processes and understandings that sit behind and through the Core Subjects, which if attended to well, can assist us in bringing accelerated learning in 3 subjects simultaneously.
I'm suggesting to you in this blog and the embedded presentation that we pay close attention to:
  • Language acquisition, development, sustaining & transfer
  • Learning Design including:
    • Formative practice
    • Progressional understanding
    • Effective planning for learning
I'm also suggesting that if we develop successful pedagogy for our Māori and Pasifika learners that it works for most if not all of our learners and reduces disparity between genders and ethnicities whilst it does so.