Friday, 11 December 2015

Where did we get to in 2015?

Toward the end of 2015 we waited with baited breath to see our learners results from November testing to find out whether the things we been discussing and debating in this blog and the work we'd done as a staff, actually worked.

Like all industries we have good years and hard years, and we were really hoping this would be a 'good one'.
You can imagine our relief as the results came in, we prepared reports for parents, our community and the NZ Ministry of Education, and we could see that together, we had done well.

As we do every year, we met with our parents in the School Hall and shared the good news as well as consulting about how we would do things in 2016.
Here's a summary of that report.
I want to conclude this post at the end of 2105, having thanked our learning partners in my report above, by acknowledging a great leader, educator, mentor and friend, our Kaumatua Ihaka Samuels who passed away this year.
You will have seen and heard, if you watched my report, the landing of Mālama Honua at Pt England Beach, in March this year.
The ancient wisdom that was imparted to us, which enabled this landing, the approval of the name Manaiakalani itself, the true story of Maui Tiki Tiki ā Taranga, were taught us by this faithful friend, brother, father and elder.
Kia ora Ihaka. You've helped us succeed. You taught us to tie our waka to the highest star and not a glow worm.
To mother Mary, the children and grandchildren who are still with us, we acknowledge both the loss and the legacy.
Kia ora tatou.