Monday, 14 May 2018

Resilient Learn Ready Kids become Employment Ready Young People

During the last month I connected with the OECD Report on Resilience which uses the PISA tests over successive years to discover whether learners from the lowest socio-economic quartile across 70 countries, rise, fall or plateau in their test results.

Aotearoa/NZ did not perform as strongly as we would have hoped and occupies a position rather central on the chart, instead of where one would hope, in the upper right quadrant.

I was very interested in the definition the OCED crew used as it seemed remarkable similar to what our learners would have to do to achieve merit or excellence in NCEA. This also links to the language deficit our learners have and why they find it hard to meet these performance characteristics.

This led me to continue my inquiry with our staff and CoL teachers, using this report as very valuable point of reference to enable and empower us in our own context to consider what our practice imperatives are to deliver the kind of learners described in the title to this post, to the New Zealand Community.