Friday, 22 February 2019

February Inquiry

Kia ora Tātou
The year is underway, the learners are in class, programmes are moving into top gear.
It's time to have those Class Descriptions coming clear and to be sharpening our thoughts about Teaching as Inquiry.
For the principal, it's time, having looked at data over the summer, compared the Woolf Fisher Research Centre Data, that we received on 12 Feb at our Manaiakalani Staff Meeting, held at Tamaki College, and having compared those results with our own, to be coming clear about my own Inquiry, and some early stages hypotheses which might sit behind it.
My Inquiry, in brief, is to be able to describe clearly how to get improved acceleration in the 3 Core Subjects, -Reading, Writing and Mathematics, simultaneously without harming learners, teachers or anybody else in the process and how to keep the joy of creative learning absolutely alive and kicking whilst we do it.
Some of us can recall clearly the days of School Improvement where we learned to accelerate one subject at a time over 3 years for each, took too long for the learner and killed much of the joy in the process. 9 years to improve 3 subjects systematically is longe than the life of a primary school learner at primary school. -Not acceptable.
The short presentation below, is my attempt to link my Inquiry to those of the teaching staff in Pt England School and the Manaiakalani Kahui Ako and to explain what I hope we cna achieve if we focus together sharply and work together well.