Thursday, 31 January 2019

2019 Direction

Happy Year to you all!

We've had some weeks to ponder on the result/s of 2018 and think about how we continue to improve in 2019.
I'm sure my staff will all be pleased to hear, "not by doing anything new!".
To the Pt England Staff and other members of my audience, I hope this screen record of my January korero to Pt England, will be a really useful rewindable resource of how I think, collectively, we're going to win this education, acceleration game in 2019.
Because it's not a game!
It's deadly serious. Lives are genuinely at stake.
Somehow, we have to do this work well together without killing or depressing teachers, without making the quest for improvement simply miserable. We need to use the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy to keep this work a joyous, celebratory pursuit of equity and excellence. 
So I do hope you enjoy and learn from my 2019 Inquiry, which is focused on how to get acceleration in the 3 core subjects simultaneously whilst keeping the joy alive and having powerfully interwoven themes and experiences of Wellbeing and Cultural Responsiveness.
Let me know what you think!