Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Beginning 2016

If you've been following my erratic posting at all, you'll realise that I've been playing catch up. I've promised myself I won't let this happen again and that I'll document my work as I go rather than waiting for a break and trying to get it all up to date after the fact! 
I apologise for this poor practice and promise to do better.

We concluded 2015 with very pleasing and promising results. Pleasing in that it made a year of hard work on the part of our whole team very rewarding, and promising because it case proved stuff we can build on and share with a great deal of confidence. It helped enormously that our Researchers, Woolf Fisher Research Centre corroborated our results and supported many of our hypotheses.

This gave us confidence when planning our focus for 2016, which I've shared with staff parents, Board, many visitors to our school and now belated with you.

My inquiry in 2016 is into the challenge of getting equity of acceleration for every child in every class in our school. I then want to share this process with others.