Monday, 23 July 2018

Play, Eat, Learn

Term 3 is a wonderful time in the school calendar. Because we had our Fiafia in Term 1, we have no big school wide events this term, -nothing to distract the teacher from going for gold in Term 3!

The Term 3 focus in Pt England School is a Health/PE led one, called 'Move Ya Body'. Hence the title to this Post. 'Play, Eat, Learn'. Our kids need to play. They need to be creative, -they need to eat well in order to learn.

We can help them do this by making it an intentional focus this term. 
I'm suggesting, in fact, that in Term 3 the very best thing to do, is to do the basics very well. Deliver the New Zealand Curriculum Really well!

As always, I have some suggestions for things we ought to consider as we pursue this idea of delivering the curriculum really well without distractions.

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