Monday, 4 December 2017

December, and I really feel like putting the seesaw graphic in there again. -I won't because I'm sure you're all really bored with that one already!
Our emerging end of year data shows the need to:

  • focus on language acquisition
  • focus on mathematics
  • focus on learner and staff wellbeing
  • focus on the environment
Any one of these would normally be at least year's work. As I commented in an earlier post this year, I think the only way ahead is integration.
So.....we have to find a really smart way of putting all these things together so that teachers don't feel as though there are more and more "bolt ons" that nobody can do justice to.

We're fortunate to have scored 600 hrs of centrally funded PLD, which we can use to apply to the Manaiakalani and Language challenges and equally fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to participate in DMC Mathematics PLD.
So we have the money, ...but do we have the time and capability?
Fortunately Jannie Van Hees has some exciting ideas about how we could use environmental themes to carry the language development and develop maths and science at the same time.
Lets see how this plays out!

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