Monday, 3 August 2015

A More Inclusive New Zealand

Last week I had the humbling privilege to meet with passionate New Zealanders at a Treasury Hosted Event entitled 'A More Inclusive New Zealand'. This event was attended by just over 200 people and was an absolutely riveting mixture of 'practitioner narrative', 'executive summary' of NZ research findings and external critique.
It was a marvellous opportunity to link evidence to practice in a cross sector forum. I'm not aware of this being done in New Zealand previously. Well done Treasury!

Rather than rabbit on exhaustively about something that's extremely well covered elsewhere, I urge you to read Gabriel Makhlouf's opening address. Gabriel is the Secretary of the Treasury in NZ and for my offshore readers, for 'Secretary' read Boss! 
It's extremely heartening to live in a country where the 'man in charge of the money' is urging us in this direction!

I would also urge you to visit the More Inclusive NZ site so you get to connect with the thoughts and ideas of people who are contributing to this important conversation in New Zealand, and to the 'Superu' government site which in their own words is encouraging the use of evidence by people across the social sector so that they make better decisions about funding, policies or services to improve the lives of New Zealand's communities, families and whanau. 

My role at this wonderful event was to speak about equity and access for participatory citizenship by affecting change in the compulsory sector of education.
Here's what I had to show and tell:

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