Friday, 17 July 2015

Foundations for ReTooling

First off, apologies to all who have bothered to read my work thus far, for the long hiatus in posting. -Very slack, I know!

As I consider what I've written thus far, I'm challenged by the fact that although I provided a 'Back-Grounder' as context for the work of ReTooling, I then launched right in from where we're up to right now and didn't provide much foundation or many of the antecedents that support this work.

There are obviously people who would like access to some of this prior work that supports our history of clustering for 'schooling enhancement' as I've been receiving requests to make a few of these artifacts and bits of content available. I'm hoping this Screen Record might help make some of the meaning behind the story.

The Manaiakalani Story; -my perspective

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